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             Dog Walking

If you work full time or have trouble getting around yourself, it can be difficult to give your dog all the exercise he or she needs to stay fit and healthy and to prevent boredom related behavioural problems. So why not let us walk your dog for you?

Dogs are social creatures, going out for a walk, sniffing around, meeting other dogs and people is an important way for them to interact with the world at large. Certain breeds require more exercise and mental stimulation than others, but with any breed regular exercise is a must to prevent dogs becoming overweight and to avoid complications caused by poor physical health. A regular routine of walking and playtime may be exactly what your dog needs to maintain its health for many years.

With Coffs Coast Pet Services, you can choose to book a casual walk every now and then or book a regular walk two or more times a week.

All walking sessions are on lead and at a pace that suits your dog. It could be a gentle stroll, a power walk or even a jog.

Dogs must be controllable on a lead. Difficult dogs or those that pull and require some basic leash training will be walked singularly and extra charges will apply. We recommend regular, 30 minute training sessions until the desired result is achieved. Alternately we have a couple of  anti-pull devices which we can offer you if we fell these are required for adequate control while walking your dog.

One of the benefits of arranging regular walks for your dog is that if desired, we can try to 'buddy-up' your dog with another like footed friend of compatible size and temperament to make it a real social outing!


Monday- Friday only

Walk time Casual Regular* Extra Dog  Leash Training



$25.00$20.00 $5.00$30.00



$45.00 $35.00$5.00 $50.00 


*Regular walks are described at 2 or more walks per week.