Coffs Coast Pet Services


       Why Use a Pet-Sitter?

If you are going on holidays, need to go to hospital or travel frequently for business, the question of what to do with your pets will be an important part of the planning process. Typically, pet owners look to boarding kennels or a friendly neighbour to care for their pets while they are away, we offer a specialised service to suit you and your pets needs. 

Boarding facilities are not suitable for every pet and if you have animals other than dogs and cats, they are usually not an option. Neighbours are not always available, particularly at busy holiday times, and if you are new to the area you may not have anyone to call upon.

This is where Coffs Coast Pet Services can help by making daily visits to your pets in their own home environment. We can combine a home check, with the best care for your pets and many extra services that other providers cannot offer.

Benefits for Owners and Pets

-No need to drop off or pick up, we come to you.

-All animals are catered for, we can care for just about anything- just ask!

-Total reliability

-Minimal disruption, usual food, exercise and routine followed as closely as possible.

-Daily spoiling and personal attention, plenty of hugs and pats!

The price of pet-sitting is also of benefit with the costs for one pet being comparable to a stay in a boarding kennel and with multiple pets you actually SAVE MONEY!

Coffs Coast Pet Services offer peace of mind for pet owners knowing that their pets are being well cared for in their absence and that their home is being visited and checked on a daily basis. Our service is personalised and clients are assured of total confidentiality.

As an alternative to traditional pet care services, pet sitters offer a level of dedication and professionalism that cannot be expected from friends or neighbours.